Security Risk Mitigation in a Multi‐Domain Audio Visual Environment

Freeport Technologies employs a variety of methods to ensure security requirements are properly defined and addressed throughout the design, configuration, and implementation phases of multi‐domain AV systems.

Policy & Procedure Development – A set of policies and procedures is developed
in order to classify all audio visual resources and functions of the system.
Source Management, Isolation & Distribution – A system design is created using
key hardware components which provide the proper level of isolation and control
of all resources and functions.
System Configuration – The system software is configured to enforce the agreed
upon policies and procedures developed in the first phase and then deployed in
the system design.
Functional Testing & Verification – A test and acceptance document is developed
which provides a step by step process of testing and verifying that the system is
functioning as intended, with the proper security policies and procedures in

In addition, Freeport has developed several AV products that were specifically designed to effectively manage security risks and to reduce overall implementation costs. These products and the risks that they are designed to mitigate are described below.