Multi-Domain Operational Awareness

  • Meets DISA's classification requirements to automatically indicate the current classification of your room/system.

  • Transform any display into a customizable AV signage solution with or without time zone clocks.

  • Signs are individually configured via a standard Web GUI. Each sign can feature independent configurations based on location (inside/outside the room) or desired role.

  • Customizable Features/Functions:

    • Classification Awareness (Custom Text for Joining, Leaving & On Network)
    • Time Zone Clocks (Up to 8 Zones w/ Customizable Names, Analog or Digital, Date)
    • Room/System Status Indicators (Video Call, Microphones, Content Sharing, Speakers)
    • System State Changes (Custom Text for System Initialization, Error & Off State)
    • System State Changes (Custom Text for Initialization, Error & Off State)
    • Custom Branding (Display up to 2 independent Logos/Emblems)

  • Product Specifications:

    • Supports any size/type of display or image wall with a digital input (HDMI, DP)
    • Optimal support for 16:4.5 aspect ratio in either landscape or portrait mode
    • MDVNS integration or 3rd party control via API
    • Small form factor hardware device with PoE support


The Freeport Technologies digital signage solution provides operational awareness, time zone clocks, and system status for single or multi-domain VTC systems that are utilizing a Freeport Multi-Domain Video Network Switch (MDVNS). The MDVNS system is capable of supporting up to ten (10) signs/displays, which can either replace traditional LED classification signage or used in conjunction with them.

Each sign/display can be individually configured via the MDVNS web GUI to include some or all of the provided features based on the required functionality or physical location. Each sign/display is given a unique ID which provides a secure TCP/IP connection to the MDVNS system for real time updates.

A Freeport provided small form factor device can be mounted behind each sign/display and connected via a digital output (HDMI). The solution will scale to any size/type of display but has been optimized for 16:9 and 16:4.5 aspect ratios. In addition to deploying dedicated signs/displays throughout the space the solution can also be displayed on a video wall via a digital input on an image processor.


Specifically designed to manage security risked and reduce overall implementation cost