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Enterprise Room Control

Freeport’s Enterprise Room Control software greatly simplifies the deployment, configuration, maintenance, and use of Audio/Visual rooms throughout an organization.

Enterprise Room Control (ERC) was designed as a simplified and modern software platform which provides scalability and maintainability in an environment that has been historically limited in both of these areas by proprietary AV programming languages. ERC provides built in security modeling; providing the ability to address specific functional requirements and enforce security policies without custom programming. Designed from the ground up to handle the simplest of rooms to the largest of command/operation centers, the ERC solution brings an A/V control system into an IT environment.

ERC eliminates the time and expense required to develop custom AV software while providing an advanced feature set with security related policy enforcement. In addition, ERC supports an unlimited number of client interface devices (computer, touch panel, tablet, etc) which can be used to control single or multiple systems without the need for expensive, proprietary AV controllers and touch panel devices.

Easy to Use
An intuitive, shallow user interface (Web-Based or Desktop Application) spans all system types and is configurable to display only the relevant system capabilities and functions

Lower Cost of Ownership
Eliminates expensive proprietary AV controllers and touch panels by using standard PC servers and low cost touch screen devices; reduced hardware and maintenance costs

Manufacturer Neutral
Manufacture-neutral software ensures deployed hardware assets have life expectancies driven by needs

Centralized Control
Multiple AV systems controlled and managed through a centrally located server

Remote Facilitation
Remotely facilitate and control a room system and monitor status of hardware components

Supports full redundancy with failover between multiple ERC servers

Invest only in the system licenses you need and add licenses to the same ERC server as new systems are deployed


Specifically designed to manage security risked and reduce overall implementation cost

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