Integrated AV Systems

Freeport has a dedicated staff of engineers and project managers that are capable of producing turnkey systems that are secure, cost effective, and easy to maintain, upgrade and support. These systems include mobile solutions, conference rooms, training rooms, and large command and control centers.

Freeport has extensive experience designing, building and installing integrated AV/VTC systems around the country. Our standards-based designs are manufacturer-neutral and built upon the functional requirements of our customer’s end users. Freeport’s engineers focus on providing cutting edge technology while providing the framework for cost effective expandability without limitations.

Collaborative Conference Systems provide the ability to conduct high quality local presentations while incorporating audio and video conferencing features and capabilities into any type of room. Standard system designs create the foundation for scalability as future requirements evolve.

A shallow, easy to use graphical user interface provides end users with the ability to conduct presentations, meetings, and training sessions quickly and efficiently without the need for outside facilitation. Features include automated source selection, transport controls for all sources including individual source volume, display control, microphone control, audio and video call control, directory access and management, manual source to destination routing, and a customizable favorites manager.

Operation Control Centers are focused around the system’s ability to provide situational awareness in a multi-domain environment. Source and destination classification along with multiple security mode designators creates an environment that is secure and flexible.

Traditional source to destination routing in conjunction with the ability to save, name and recall an unlimited number of favorites directly from the touch panel provides immediate access to all video and audio inputs. One button sanitization of sources protects sensitive information from being viewed locally or remotely.

Integration with industry leading display wall processors provides selection and configuration of display wall layouts without the need for additional software interfaces.

Mobile Systems are capable of transforming ANY room into a collaborative environment. Compact, cost effective system designs provide advanced functionality not found in commercial off the shelf all in one products.

Designed specifically for small to medium sized rooms to fit whre space is limited., Freeport’s mobile systems can be configured to include presentation, audio conference, and video conference capabilities; with or without security features for classified environments. Integrated audio and video interface plates provide a clean and simple connection point for room resources or BYOD applications. Custom finishing is also available upon request and can be designed and matched to existing furniture or room finishes.


Specifically designed to manage security risked and reduce overall implementation cost