Room Control Isolator

The Room Control Isolator (RCI) provides the means to program and control AV system components (video codec, displays, etc) without exposing any data that might be contained in them or on the network to which they are connected. The RCI prevents the AV control system from permanently inheriting the security classification of the network that specific AV components are connected to. It provides the ability to address AV room control security issues without modification of existing system designs, it is manufacturer neutral, and it can be used with any type of control device.

The RCI provides the ability to send commands from an AV room controller to an AV component via RS-232 while restricting the information that flows back. It utilizes a two-way serial communication path with the component but only a one-way serial communication path, plus status, back to the AV room controller.

Centralized Management in a Multi-Domain Environment
Provides the ability to deploy a centralized AV LAN in which the AV room controllers are isolated from the individual system components that they control

Optical Isolation
Serial data flows from the AV room controller side to the component side via a photo isolator device eliminating the path for serial data to flow from the component side back to the AV room controller side

Independent Components
One circuit for the AV room controller connection and one circuit for the component connection, each with its own independent processor and power supply

Relay Status Feedback
Feedback includes: Command Accepted/Operation Done/OK, Command/Operation Failed/Error, Call up, Incoming Call (Ring), RCI (Codec Side) reboot/reset/power-up, Aux


Specifically designed to manage security risked and reduce overall implementation cost