TC Reliance

Room Scheduling Software

Freeport’s TC Reliance management and scheduling solution greatly simplifies the deployment, maintenance, and use of video and audio conferencing throughout the enterprise.

TC Reliance is a highly scalable and comprehensive software platform that enables users and administrators of videoconferencing networks to deploy, schedule, manage, and automatically provision video communications. It harnesses the full power of video networks, bringing together individual users and resources, inside and outside an organization’s network. TC Reliance makes video network management part of the everyday process, removing underutilization of resources and maximizing efficiency in the operation of the simplest to the most complex video networks.

Designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with video network hardware from multiple vendors the TC Reliance solution consolidates control of all manageable entities (including users, endpoints, platforms, and network resources) across all applications via a single intuitive interface.

TC Reliance was awarded the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the United States Army on June 28th 2013, Exp. June 28th 2016.

The CoN #201315715 link is found here at:

System Features

Cross-Domain Scheduling
Allows sanitized scheduling data to be synchronized between Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret instances of TC Reliance. An approved Boundary Protection Service handles sanitize data verification.

Monitors ongoing calls with direct feedback that improves call performance

Virtual Network Model
Provides rerouting of calls based on fault detection, improving enterprise performance

Low Cost of Ownership
Eliminates the complexity and expense of deploying multiple standalone applications and reduces manpower requirements

Easy to Use
An intuitive Web-based interface spans all device management, scheduling, and conference management functions

Invest only in the licenses you need and easily add licenses during network growth

High Service Success Rate
Fully automated session control with a success rate of over 99% in building and ending video sessions

Manufacturer-neutral software ensures deployed assets have life expectancies driven by needs not manufacturer upgrade cycles


Specifically designed to manage security risked and reduce overall implementation cost