Terms and Conditions

Term and Conditions For Support Plans

Response Time
Freeport will provide Help Desk support (via audio, video or email) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday, excluding Government holidays. A Freeport customer service representative will be available immediately to answer Help Desk calls during that time. If Level II or III technical support is required, a Freeport Technician will respond via audio or video within 2 hours.

Hardware & Software Maintenance
Freeport will maintain system software functionality throughout the life of the service package. This includes the embedded system operating software as well as the touch panel interface. Firmware updates will be also be provided as required to maintain system functionality.

Component Failure
Freeport will assist in the evaluation, isolation, acquisition, and replacement of all defective system components still being manufactured and/or supported by the manufacturer. Replacement components provided by Freeport may be either new or refurbished and will maintain full system functionality. In the event that Freeport does not have the replacement component in stock, one will be furnished as soon as possible (manufacturer dependent).

If the system contains a video codec under warranty with the manufacturer and Freeport determines that the codec is defective, a next day advance replacement will be provided. Freeport will coordinate directly with the manufacturer’s distributor to ensure same-day dispatch as order receipt with next day delivery. In some cases, parts can be directly drop-shipped do the customer site.

End of Life Components

System components that are no longer manufactured and/or supported by the manufacturer are considered “End of Life”. Customers with an active service package will be notified if and when any components they own reach EOL status. Unfortunately Freeport cannot support EOL hardware components. Although EOL components would need to be replaced by the customer in an event of a failure, Freeport will assist in evaluating the available options.

Consumable Items
Please note that any item considered a consumable (batteries, projector lamps, etc) are not covered by this plan and must be purchased at the expense of the Customer. Freeport will assist in the acquisition and replacement of said items at no additional cost if necessary.