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The Case for Using a Design-Build Approach For Information Technology Systems

Design-Bid-Build In the Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) form of contracting, one entity does the Design, then the design is advertised to others for Bid, and then an award is made to the successful (usually low) bidder to Build; hence the term Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B). In D-B-B the Owner (end user) needs certain functionality for performing its operations, so…

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Lowing Coast with Secure Multi-Domain Video TeleConferencing

Current solutions for the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defence (DoD) require an extensive amount of equipment to support multi-domain applications where as few as two or as many as five networks, each operating on a different security level, may be required at every conference room and desktop. In this environment, the network…

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Scheduling, Managing, and Controlling Service Provider VTC Networks

Video conferencing seems easy at first glance, simply pick up the remote, dial, answer, and converse, hang up and walk away. The reality is that video conferencing is non‐trivial at best and an expensive daily aggravation at worst. The difficulty arises from a constant changing technology that creates a knowledge barrier for entry level users,…

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Videoconferencing Security In a Multi-Domain Environment

There are a number of reasons that video conference users want to use a single Codec to communicate over multiple security domains. Key among these reasons are initial and ongoing cost savings, space savings, and simplicity of design. This paper does not deal with the rationale for this approach but only the security issues that…

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Room Side Security

Attacks on government and sensitive commercial entities by foreign state sponsored persons and organizations are increasing. There are reports, not just of attacks on our secure networks, but of adversaries “living” on networks. The attacks are so serious that the US Cyber Command and organizations within Homeland Security have been stood up to address this…

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Multi Domain Video Network (MD-VNS) Design

How the Freeport Technologies Multi-Domain Video Network Switch (MD-VNS) Provides Maximum Functionality While Avoiding Security Violations The Freeport MD-VNS is a purpose-built system that was designed to implement the DISA specified Periods Processing within a hardware system that meets all standard security guidelines. In this document we cover the complete design including all hardware components…

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An Overlooked Vulnerability Solution

Security Risk Mitigation in a Multi‐Domain Audio Visual Environment Freeport Technologies employs a variety of methods to ensure security requirements are properly defined and addressed throughout the design, configuration, and implementation phases of multi‐domain AV systems. Policy & Procedure Development – A set of policies and procedures is developed in order to classify all audio…

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An Overlooked Vulnerability

Security Risk Mitigation in a Multi‐Domain Audio Visual Environment Much attention of late has been given to insider threats and to shoring up network security in the Intelligence Community (IC), yet one of the great vulnerabilities left for America’s enemies to exploit is access to classified information via Audio Visual (AV) channels. With current budget…

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