Single & Multi-Class VTC Systems Featuring Cisco Integration & Control

  • Cisco Collaboration Endpoints

    Single or Multi-Class VTC system supporting:
    Desk Pro, Room Bar, Room Bar Pro, Room Kit, Room Kit Plus, Room Kit EQ, Room Kit Pro, Board Pro (55/75)
    *Support for legacy endpoints as well

  • Cisco In-Room Control

    Native Cisco control (Touch 10, Room Navigator) of all standard briefing and VTC functions including VTC network switching

  • Single & Multi-Classification

    Can be deployed with or without the Freeport Multi-Domain Video Network Switch

  • Features & Functions

    • Touch control and configuration of displays, image processor, media player, HDTV tuner, microphones, PDU, video switch, & custom devices
    • All external device control is hardware agnostic
    • Sanitize/Un-sanitize option of local audio & video
    • Native support for Freeport MDVNS
    • Native support for Mercury Digital Dashboard providing real-time visual status of active calls, content sharing, mics, & local audio
    • *Network/Mode selection with or without PIN
    • *Presentation/Briefing Modes in addition to VTC
    • Support for approved cloud based VTC applications

      *MDVNS Required

The Freeport single and multi-class VTC systems featuring Cisco control are turnkey solutions which feature a seamless integration of a Cisco collaboration endpoint with Freeport’s Control System Isolator (CSI).

The integration of Cisco In-Room control with the CSI leverages the inherit capabilities of the Cisco collaboration room endpoint (audio, video, and control), providing familiarity for the end user. The Cisco touch panel (Touch 10 or Room Navigator) will not only control all briefing and VTC functionality but any other external devices required to meet the functional requirements of the room.

All Cisco In-Room control features and functions are configured and managed via the CSI web UI, no programming required.  Any active user interface extensions (buttons, pop-ups, etc.) are dynamically generated and updated without the need to use any other software tools (e.g. Cisco In-Room control editor).

Single Classification System
Single classification systems are designed around a specific Cisco collaboration endpoint.  The Freeport CSI will configure and monitor the Cisco CODEC and touch panel while providing isolation between the network that the CODEC is connected to and any external devices being controlled locally in the room.

Multi-Classification System
Integrating the Freeport MDVNS into the system will provide control of the VTC network switching process (classification selection) via the Cisco touch panel. In addition, any reconfiguration of the MDVNS system including the addition of VTC networks, will automatically be synced with the Cisco control system.


Specifically designed to manage security risks and reduce overall implementation cost