Multi-Domain Video Network Switch

Freeport’s Multi-Domain Video Network Switch permits a single video CODEC to be utilized on up to 25 IP networks of varying security classifications

*Now supporting cloud based VTC applications!

The MDVNS meets current DISA requirements and future requests as detailed in the VTC STIGs.  The MDVNS is the only secure VTC switching solution that has been approved by the Defense Intelligence Agency for use on the JWICS Top Secret network.  It has also been approved for operation by DISA for NIPR and SIPR, NRO, NGA, Coalition Forces, and many other classified networks.  In addition, the MDVNS is Risk Management Framework compliant via documented controls and artifacts.

The MDVNS design approach ensures electrical and data isolation between all networks.  Data isolation is achieved through the use of multiple processor and memory units, where each unit is dedicated to a particular network.  Data from a particular network is never stored in more than one place and data from different networks is never intermingled into one processor and memory unit.

The periods processing procedures that conform to the current DISA STIGs, combined with the Freeport MDVNS hardware, ensure that security requirements are met during the switching and operational processes. The Freeport approach satisfies IA requirements.

Failsafe Process
Eliminates residual settings or data from being transferred from one network to another

Red/Black Separation
Provides true red/black air gap separation and isolated grounds between networks and all system components

Improved Switch Times
Average switch time of about 2 minutes (off to on network) and less than 4 minutes (network to network) can be accomplished when optimizing system and CODEC configuration options

Stand-Alone or 3rd Party Control
Front panel operation or API integration with new and existing systems using AMX, CISCO, Crestron, and Extron AV control systems

CISCO Collaboration Endpoints
Desk Pro, Room Bar, Room Bar Pro, Room Kit/Plus, Room Kit EQ/EQX, Room Kit Pro, Board Pro (55/75), CODEC Plus/EQ/Pro
*Support for legacy endpoints as well

Support for Cloud Based VTC Applications
Utilize your VTC systems display, camera, microphones and speakers with an approved cloud based VTC application
(in addition to your traditional VTC networks)


Specifically designed to manage security risks and reduce overall implementation cost