Support Plans

Freeport recognizes that complex audio visual systems represent a significant financial and operational investment. We offer our customers several support service plans that ensure those systems generate maximum return in terms of excellent, reliable, and consistent performance.

Support Plan Overview

Included in all of our support plans.

  • Unlimited telephone/email access to highly trained and qualified technicians
    Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)
  • Effective troubleshooting techniques that minimize downtime
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Extended equipment warranties (optional)
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Periodic training refreshers
  • Annual lifecycle evaluations and planning recommendations

Preventative Maintenance*

*Included in our standard and premier support plans.

Freeport will conduct at least one Preventive Maintenance visit during the period of performance of the support plan.

Preventative maintenance includes:

  1. Testing and balancing all systems
  2. Updating manufacturer firmware and system software (only as required)
  3. Updating user and system documentation as necessary
  4. Balancing audio and video operations
  5. Cleaning screens, projector lenses, and other critical surfaces
  6. Lubricating moving parts as recommended by the manufacturers
  7. Adjusting and aligning projectors to maintain optimum focus
  8. Performing other system checks such as display working conditions, fault condition analysis, and hardware and software remedies

The findings of the Preventative Maintenance shall be reported to the customer upon review by the Customer Support Manager.  Any outstanding issues will be identified and an action plan to correct any deficiencies will be coordinated with the customer following Preventative Maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of response time does Freeport provide when issues arise?

Freeport will provide unlimited Help Desk support (via audio or video) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday, excluding Government holidays.  A Freeport customer service representative will be available immediately to answer Help Desk calls during that time.  If Level II or III technical support is required, a Freeport Technician will respond via audio or video within 2 hours, if not immediately.  If calls are received after hours (Before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday) it will be up the discretion of the Customer Service Manager whether the call is addressed immediately or the next business day.

Who will be servicing my system?

All Freeport Technicians are CTS certified and posses extensive system knowledge including design and engineering, production, software development, and troubleshooting and support.

Is my system software covered as part of the service agreement?

Freeport will maintain system software functionality throughout the life of the service package.  This includes the embedded system operating software as well as the touch panel interface.  Firmware updates will be also be provided when available from the hardware manufacturers.

What happens if a system function is no longer operational due to component failure?

Freeport will assist in the evaluation, isolation, acquisition, and replacement of all defective system components still being manufactured and/or supported by the manufacturer.  Replacement components provided by Freeport may be either new or refurbished and will maintain full system functionality.  In the event that Freeport does not have the replacement component in stock, one will be furnished as soon as possible (manufacturer dependent).

If the system contains a video codec under warranty with the manufacturer and Freeport determines that the codec is defective, a next day advance replacement will be provided.  Freeport will coordinate directly with the manufacturer’s distributor to ensure same-day dispatch as order receipt with next day delivery.  In some cases, parts can be directly drop-shipped do the customer site.

How does Freeport handle end of life components in systems that are still supported?

System components that are no longer manufactured and/or supported by the manufacturer are considered “End of Life”.  Customers with an active service package will be notified if and when any components they own reach EOL status.  Unfortunately Freeport can not support EOL hardware components.  Although EOL components would need to be replaced by the customer in an event of a failure, Freeport would ensure that any new components are fully compatible with existing system functionality.

Does Freeport replace consumable items that might be part of the system?

Any item considered a consumable (batteries, projector lamps, etc) must be purchased at the expense of the Customer.  Freeport will assist in the acquisition and replacement of said items at no additional cost if necessary.

  • Basic Support Plan

    This basic Plan includes unlimited Help Desk support (during normal business hours). It does not include dispatching technicians onsite, extended equipment warranties or preventative maintenance services. It is intended for Customers with older systems (generally over four years) that need remote technical support to troubleshoot problems or resolve operational questions.

    Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Support Plan

    This Plan provides all of the services that the Premier Support Services Plan does except that if a Service Technician is dispatched onsite, there will be an additional charge. This Plan is intended for Customers with qualified technicians onsite who may need additional remote resources.

    If it is determined that a system component has malfunctioned or failed, Freeport will ship a replacement part as soon as possible to the customer site.  The customer will be responsible for removing and packing up the defective part, shipping it to Freeport and installing the replacement part.  If the customer decides they need onsite assistance for any reason, a quote will be provided, and once approved a Service Technician will be scheduled to respond (typically within 48 hours).

    Terms & Conditions

  • Premier Support Plan

    This is Freeport’s most comprehensive plan and is recommended for the first year of operation for new AV/VTC and for Customers who may not have sufficient dedicated resources onsite. In addition to unlimited Help Desk access, this Plan provides for extended equipment warranties and onsite technical support when required.

    If a problem or question requires escalation to Level II or III technical support, a Freeport Technician will respond via audio or video within two hours.  If the Help Desk cannot resolve a service issue via audio or video, a Freeport Service Technician will generally be scheduled to respond onsite within 24 hours, or the next business day.

    All replacement components, firmware, system software, refresher training, and updated system documentation are included at no additional charge.

    A Freeport laptop may be required forPreventative Maintenance* and servicing of certain rack components. This will be coordinated with the appropriate Customer IT security personnel as needed.

    Terms & Conditions

    Contact us for Support Pricing on your New or Used Audio Video systems

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    Local: 571-262-0400 (Option #1)
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