Multi-Domain Operational Awareness

  • Customizable digital dashboard providing visual operational awareness in multi domain AV environments (Conference/Training Rooms, Ops Centers, etc.)

  • Configuration and deployment do not require the use of a custom software application, programming knowledge, or the creation of graphics.

  • Each dashboard is individually configured via a web-based GUI and can be customized with some or all of the available features and functions.

  • Features/Functions:

    • Canvas Layout Selection (options for both landscape and portrait orientations)
    • Three Customizable Message Fields (font size/color/animation)
    • Time Zone Clocks (analog and/or digital, date, color)
    • System Status Indicators (audio/video call, content sharing, microphones, speakers)
    • Background Theme Selection (graphics, solid colors)
    • Departmental/Agency Branding (upload custom emblems/images)

  • Specifications:

    • Supports any size/type of display or image wall with a digital input (HDMI, DP)
    • Automatically resizes based on display/window aspect ratio (optimal support for 16:4.5 and 21:9)
    • Native integration with MDVNS Cisco In-Room Control
    • Encrypted API connection for 3rd party control systems (programming modules provided by Freeport)
    • NTP server support
    • Small form factor (84mm x 112mm) hardware device (PoE, No WiFi or Bluetooth)


Freeport Technologies Mercury is a customizable digital dashboard which provides visual operational awareness in multi-domain AV environments. Configuration and deployment do not require the use of a custom software application, graphical design tools, or computer programming skills.

Each endpoint can be individually configured via the built-in web GUI to include some or all of the provided features. Features include customizable message fields, time zone clocks, system status indicators, branding images, background themes, and layout selection. Showing/hiding a specific element will impact all the other elements on the dashboard. For example, removing specific message fields and/or status indicators will provide the ability to display more clocks.

Customization options include the ability to hide/show specific elements, define text font size/color/animation, display analog and/or digital clocks, choose clock color, define time zone name/color, configure system status indicator text/color by state (disabled/in-active/active).

The Mercury web GUI provides the ability to configure network and security related settings, update firmware, sync the date/time to an NTP server, view/download log files, and export/import the dashboard configuration file for multiunit deployment.


Specifically designed to manage security risked and reduce overall implementation cost